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European Flood Protection Association

In the EVH, companies have come together to develop, manufacture, supply, install or maintain Mobile Technical Flood Protection. Anyone who is directly or indirectly employed in flood protection can also be accepted as a full or associate member of the association. The membership of other flood protection associations is desired, as well as associations that advocate for the improvement of flood protection.

The EVH will do its utmost to improve the market economy situation of its members. It requires its own specialist lots in flood protection, as well as legally prescribed market neutral tenders, so that every company involved in flood protection can participate in it. We require product-neutral bills of quantities. To enforce these requirements, the EVH has drawn up its own set of rules, which will be used in the future to issue quality marks through tests carried out by a neutral commission. He has published an exemplary functional tender on his homepage, which should be the basis for future LV s. The EVH will take legal action against any violation that restricts the market economy of its members and damages them!

Our members

Our former members are well-known companies from industry and business. Here you will find an overview of all members of the EVH e.V.

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Are you involved in the development, manufacture, supply or installation of technical flood protection systems in your company, or do you maintain them? Then join us!

Our statute

Here you will find our statutes, various evaluation and test criteria and information and communications from our association.